Summer Camp for Seniors at MoMA – Free!

Or…why didn’t somebody tell me…is it sleep-away?

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Finished reading the paper and finished the crossword and checked out anything of interest on my phone.   Well…. yeah…. and yeah again.  I love the Museum of Modern Art and how I missed this, I just don’t know. The events are sold out except for the ones in July only because registration hasn’t yet opened.  Really sorry about missing the workshop on Smartphone Street Photography and the Contemporary Art in New York City event.    How did I miss this program at MoMA,  I ask again.   A  summer camp for Seniors…Wow!

Summer Camp for Seniors  is just part of the Prime Time program for seniors 65 and older at MoMA.   Check out their website for full info.       

Prime Time is an initiative to engage older New Yorkers at MoMA and in the community. Each month we offer multiple programs that encourage older adults of diverse abilities and backgrounds to learn about modern and contemporary art.

For more information, please call Prime Time at (212) 333-1265, fill out our contact form, or e-mail

These events  for June  are sold out.
  • Prime Time Summer Camp:
    Smartphone Street Photography
  • Prime Time Summer Camp: Crafting Sunprints
  • Prime Time Summer Camp:
    Contemporary Art in New York City
  • Prime Time Summer Camp: Gestural Painting
  • July Events:
    Prime Time Summer Camp:  Landscape Drawing Workshop
    Registration opens June 27th at 9:30 AM
      1. Monday, July 24, 10:00 a.m.12:30 p.m.
        Section I
      2. Wednesday, July 26, 10:00 a.m.12:30 p.m.

        Section II

Good to know:  Not sleep-away!
 Disclaimer: I try for correct info on my posts, but no guarantees people.

What to do with a teenager visiting the City for the first time since she was three, I ask!


Uniqlo and Bloomies, Zara, H & M

A pop up store in SOHO  we went to all of them

We gave a wave to Liberty then ate at Battery Park

Met up with her cousin for  fries at PJ Clark

She walks in Soho with her cousin!

Heading to see “Wicked” on a very stormy night

Traffic traffic everywhere,  did gives us a fright

But rest assured we made it with extra minutes  too

We settled in our seats and both gave out a.. whew!

Made it  home by twelve … like Cindy at the ball

Into bed and ready  for that early morning call

MOMA was exciting with the artist  “It’s all true”

 The temperature was rising,  loved this cool venue

The Guggenheim!   A treasure, thanks to Mr. Wright

Then Lincoln Center and its  Plaza  glowed for us one  night

Along  the shady Central Park, we strolled Fifth Avenue

We saw  Met’s Manus x Machina, so  beautiful to view

A get together with a friend she hadn’t seen in years

Oh those  hugs and kisses and oh those many  tears

But as the famous saying goes, “All good things must  end!”

She left for home, but this I know – she’ll be back again!


Thanks to my beautiful niece (soon to be 17) for showing me a wonderful time in 4 short days!


Kay’s Notes:

Important to know:  Go with the flow- my niece knew what she wanted to do. I just hit the highlights in my little poem…  We spent more time at The Met to see on the roof the replica of the house from Psycho – and The Temple of Dendur.   All the museums were packed because it was that notorious “heat dome’ weekend. We saved for a cooler time to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and do the Empire State Bldg among other sites.

I found out when she was leaving that the next time she’s here – she wants to go to several parks – and sketch.   Sounds good to me…. blankets, some food, love it!

Good to know:  Manus x Machina at the Met.  It’s part of the Costume Institute at the Museum and the clothing is beautiful – well worth going to  before it closes  September 5.

*Disclaimer – I try for correct info on Kay’s Notes– but no guarantees people.


It’s official – it’s summer!


The City will be bouncing all summer long with hundreds of fabulous events.  Here are some of the major  sites  I use to find out what’s happening.  I will  keep updating this post as new things pop up and they will. To  get us started and so we can mark  our calendars –check them out. Hundreds of free- easy to get to – events!

Lincoln Center         

Central Park.           

Hudson River Park 

River to River Festival June 16-26.

New  York City Go  

Free Shakespeare 

And, don’t forget the beaches – we are surrounded by water!

Rockaway Beach

Kay’s Notes: 

Important to know:     There really is so much to see and do and so little time.   I make a list and  mark my calendar (on my phone and the one on my wall) otherwise, I wake up and realize that I missed the event the day or night before that  I really wanted to go to.

picnic in park

Good to know:  Picnics and blankets in the parks are so much fun.   Bring books, newspapers, balls, and get ice cream and gelato from one of the food trucks. Now sitting on a blanket is great – but getting up from a blanket can be a challenge and…the process of getting up is not a pretty sight, if you know what I mean.    So you might want to bring a folding  chair.

Restrooms: – Will take a little work …each site will have restroom locations on their sites so you might want to take note of them before you go there.

*Disclaimer – I try for correct info on Kay’s Notes– but no guarantees people.     Photo of Central Park courtesy of NYC




Kay’s Free Picks – Night at the Museums Downtown Event Passed – was June 21

TUESDAY JUNE 21  4 TO 8 pm



From the Night at the Museums’  website.

“The museums and historic landmarks of Lower Manhattan are an American treasure. Explore one of the most diverse and concentrated groups of museums in the world – 15 sites – all within comfortable walking distance of each other. 

Special this year  are  free musical celebrations on the  21st, the longest day of the year, with over 1,200 concerts on streets, sidewalks, and parks across the five boroughs.

 Museums  include: African Burial Ground National Monument, The Anne Frank Center USA, Federal Hall National Memorial, Fraunces Tavern® Museum, Museum of American Finance, Museum of Jewish Heritage—A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, National Archives at New York City, National Museum of the American Indian—Smithsonian Institution, National September 11 Memorial Museum, 9/11 Tribute Center, Poets House, The Skyscraper Museum, South Street Seaport Museum and Wall Street Walks.”

Note: some museums require advance reservations – still free – but necessary .

Hope to see you there!


Kay’s Notes:  Just go to their website – everything you ever wanted to know about Night at the Museums is there!


Picasso and Paula

Picasso and Paula is what started my blog!  


Picasso Sculptures at MOMA! What can I say but the exhibit was fantastic!   About 62 years of his sculptures. It took the full 4th floor of the museum. It wasn’t crowded that day, surprisingly, so I was able to take it all in – incredible.   I sat for a while on one of the benches (knees you know) in the room filled with his later works and then happily left and took the elevator down.

Now as many of us know, any visit to a museum requires a stop for a glass of wine (or something) and a bite either to think about the art or just because you’re hungry and need to sit or all three.   I walked over to the Bar Room at MOMA and was enjoying a lovely pinot noir and miniature tuna sliders when a woman and her friend were seated at the table next to me. It is a fact that I try not to listen too intently to other people’s conversations unless, of course, I catch something really interesting.  And, I must say, theirs certainly peaked my interest.

He said, “So how does it feel to have your first book published in a few months?”    Whoa, I thought, leaning in to hear a little better.

“What?” I wanted to say as I tilted my good ear in their direction. She mumbled something. “Speak up” was on the tip of my tongue.

I picked up words like “fiction” “agent” “friends” “supportive” “spring”. Time, I decided, to call a sister with better hearing than me.  I considered  just putting   my  phone on their table so she could listen and tell me what they were saying, but  then decided not a good idea . I sent a text instead.

While I can’t repeat the exact words my youngest sib wrote (expletives) , what I can tell you is that she called me a chicken with a few “cluck clucks” thrown in. And then texted in caps, “LEAN OVER AND ASK THE AUTHOR ABOUT HER BOOK!” With those words and the wine kicking in I moved over closer still and in my most endearing voice, said “Excuse me, but may I ask you a question?”

They both turned to me with big smiles and said  “Yes.” I do remember smiling very broadly myself as I told them what I had overheard (eavesdropping is a wonderful thing – rude but wonderful). He handed me her card.

Her name was Paula Whyman who had written her first book. She told me it was a series of connected short stories called “You May See a Stranger”. It was to be published in May with a book tour and a possible stop in North Carolina! I mean, really!!!(Remember my family lives in NC)   What fun to be able to read a book by a first-time author and to have met her before it was published.   A new book that no one in my family has read – a miracle! So thanks to Picasso for finding us Paula!

And, the moral of this little essay about a lovely afternoon is simple: When going to a museum, always stop for a glass of something, always eavesdrop and always, if in doubt, text or call a sib or friend to tell you what to do! –

Love this city!

Kay’s Notes*

Important to know: Sadly, the exhibit closed February 2016 but MOMA is full of his wonderful works in their permanent collection.

Good to know: “You May See A Stranger” by Paula Whyman TriQuarterly Books Northwestern University Press May 2016

Want to eat? 4 places in the Museum – The Modern, The Bar Room, Café 2 and Terrace 5.

All operated by Danny Meyer group – you know the Shake Shack guy.

Restaurant prices: From OMG (The Modern) to not bad!

Where is it? MOMA is at West 53rd between 5th and 6th

Open every day with senior discounts and with free Friday nights from 4 to 8 PM.

Restrooms? All over the place

Kid Friendly? Yes

*Disclaimer – I try for correct info on Kay’s Notes– but no guarantees people.