Or…As the NY Times article says..”.A  night at the theater from your couch!”

Remember my post on kanopy a few weeks ago…   Alright, Mr. DeMille,   ?  Well there was  an Interesting article  in the Arts section of the Times recently  not only about  kanopy, but also other streaming services   including Broadway HD and PBS.   Some free, like kanopy, some not.

 From the Times  Arts section (Nov 21,2017) by Elizabeth  Vincentelli

“Another fairly recent arrival on the streaming scene is kanopy, which is free with a public-library card in 200 systems nationwide. A big chunk of bandwidth is occupied by Shakespeare telecasts the BBC produced in the 1970s and ’80s with a dizzying array of star (or not-yet-star) actors. We’re talking Helen Mirren in “As You Like It” and a 1981 “Othello” with Anthony Hopkins as the title character (this wouldn’t fly anymore) facing Bob Hoskins’s Iago. I was happy to rewatch my favorite Lady Macbeth, Jane Lapotaire, whom I had discovered when that BBC production was shown in France way back when. Offerings of more recent vintage include a “Julius Caesar” transposed by the director Gregory Doran to the Arab Spring.

Just as good are the documentaries, especially a 1990 interview with the performance artist Karen Finley; a chat with Martha Wilson, founder of the experimental performance space Franklin Furnace; and an illuminating exploration of “Hamlet” with David Tennant, Simon Russell Beale and Ben

 Whishaw. For me, though, the biggest find was “Theater of War,” about the 2006 production of “Mother Courage and Her Children,” starring Meryl Streep and Kevin Kline, at the Delacorte Theater, with rehearsal footage and a step-by-step breakdown of the production’s evolution.”

The Delacorte Theater in Central Park… Love this City!


Important to know:  For the full article on streaming services  go to the link below…  I highly recommend the read.    Elizabeth(author)  says you can crinkle candy wrappers whenever you want;  I say, no one will care if :you dig into that popcorn and  pop a bottle of bubbly!

Disclaimer: I try for correct info on my posts, but no guarantees people

“Alright, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup!”*

Or…where to find those  movies you always wanted to see or have seen  but wanted to see again without leaving the comforts of your cozy home?


It’s kanopy baby, a new free service offered by many public libraries.

“kanopy offers a broad selection of more than 30,000 feature films, documentaries, foreign language and more. “ from the NYPL website.

I was reading my favorite newspaper and saw that not only is the New York Public Library offering free streaming from kanopy but so are many libraries across the country.  Then the  email hit my inbox from  the NYPL officially  announcing this new free service available to its members.     Really true, libraries are definitely not just about books any more.  Check out your library to see if they have it…if not, see if they’ll get it. (BTW did you ever return that overdue book?)

Have your popcorn ready and something good to drink, and find a movie you wanted to see that’s  not in the theaters, not on Netflix or any other streaming thingy, but maybe, just maybe,  there it will be FREE  from your local library. And really good news, you don’t have to leave your domicile- just sign up – and let it stream right to your living room, den, bedroom or whatever!


Important to know:  If you’re not already a member of your library (tsk tsk) do it and then subscribe to kanopy.    Check out their website or the NYPL website  for more info:

Good to know:    NYPL members – get ten selections a month.  Your library system may vary.  Now depending on your city/town – library funding is usually thru our  taxes.  So OK – maybe not totally free – but close enough.   Right?  No direct cost to join or use.
FYI – some universities and colleges also offer this service to students and alumni.

Image result

Fun to know: * For those who have not seen the movie or the Broadway show…or just too young (probably no one that reads my blog) to know… it’s that famous line from SUNSET BOULEVARD  that Norma Desmond (aka Gloria Swanson, 1950 movie  and Glenn Close, musical, first run 1994) says so dramatically.  “Alright, Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my closeup!”

Photo of Sunset Boulevard  poster courtesy of  Posterazzi. 

Disclaimer: I try for correct info on my posts, but no guarantees people




Cost of Senior Pass for US National Parks is going up On August 27, 2017

 Or…Act now, to get the Senior Life Time Pass to all National Parks, all 417 of them before the price goes up from $10 to $80!
Thanks to Senior Planet for sending out this post! I copied it in its  totality (like the eclipse) .

Act Now for a National Parks Senior Pass

One of the perks of turning 62 has long been the privilege of buying a Senior Lifetime Pass that covers you and your traveling companions at all 417 National Park Sites only $10—but don’t wait till you’re planning a trip to get yours. The price for a senior pass price is about to go up dramatically, and the rush is on.

The National Parks Department will raise the price of the Senior Lifetime Pass to $80 on August 28; a new $20 annual Senior Pass will become available at the same time.

On its website, the Parks Department promises that all eligible senior pass orders placed online before 11:59pm EDT on August 27, or mail orders postmarked on or before the 27th, will be processed at the $10 price. (There’s also an additional $10 processing charge.)

Why the steep increase? Blame Congress. It’s an indirect result of the America the Beautiful parks pass going up as legislated by Congress in 2016.

How to Get Your Senior Lifetime Pass

Unless you plan to visit a National Parks site before August 27, fire up your computer now.

  • Click here to access the store’s Senior Pass Page, where you’ll find all the info about the pass.
  • On the Senior Pass Page, you’ll see a link to “Purchase your pass via Your Pass Now.” This is a digital validation service that’s helping the department handle the rush of applications by automatically verifying your age against public documents. That’s good news for you, because it saves you having to upload an image of your driver’s license or other state issued ID. You will have to enter your personal details, including Social Security number, but Your Pass Now says it deletes all information once your application has been processed.
  • If you can’t bring yourself to enter your Social Security Number (or the site doesn’t work for you), you can use the standard application here and upload a photo or scan of your ID.
  • Print or save your confirmation page—due to the last minute crush, it can take up to 12 weeks to receive your pass; meanwhile you can use your confirmation for entry to the National Parks.
  • You can also apply by mail by printing and completing this application along with a photocopy of your ID.

Once you get your pass, hold on to it; the passes are non-refundable and can’t be replaced if lost or stolen.

Questions? Contact the National Parks Department at 888-ASK-USGS and press 3, or email You can also check the Senior Pass FAQ here.

Happy camping!


IMPORTANT TO KNOW: Senior Planet is a website for seniors offering all kinds of good info on events in NYC.  Check them out to see if they are in your area

Disclaimer: I try for correct info on my posts, but no guarantees people.