Or…what you knew and then forgot and then remembered!

A friend told me Lincoln Center Theatre has a membership program that offers  discounted tickets to  their productions. Now some of you might know that, not me.  She said that not  only are tickets heavily discounted, but you learn about new productions coming up with  tickets available before the general  public.  Lincoln Center Theater

Wow, that is  for me.  I checked out the site and found that the membership was closed.  Bummer!   But, good news, there’s a waiting list. I put myself on it and then forgot about LCT until a few weeks ago  when I received an email inviting me to join. Then, of course, I remembered!   Immediately I entered all my info and Voilà I was in!

So go ahead and  put yourself on the waiting list – cause right now membership is  closed again.    It took me a few months to receive that all important email, but it came.  Membership is $50 plus small fee.  As soon as I joined, I checked what was on and immediately bought a ticket to OSLO, center orchestra, for the great price of $57.00 (with fees)

My $57  seat  sells for around $147- if you can even get one! OSLO is based on  the 1993  Oslo Peace Accords between the Israelis and  the Palestinians. It was originally at the Mitzi Newhouse Theater at Lincoln Center  to sold out audiences before moving upstairs to the larger venue, the Vivian  Beaumont Theater.

Vivian Beaumont, Mitzi Newhouse,Clare Tow Theaters at Lincoln Center by the Reflecting Pool.

Here’s the link, check it out.   See, it’s good to know what you don’t know, unless of course, you knew and maybe forgot or maybe you’ve been a member for years!   Who knew?

Love this City!

IMPORTANT TO KNOW:  MY FAIR LADY opening Spring  2018 so plenty of time for a membership and early tickets!
GOOD TO KNOW: From LCT OSLO website: OSLO –  How did the 1993 Middle East peace talks come to be held secretly in a castle in the middle of a forest outside Oslo?
INTERESTING TO KNOW:  Not only is the membership available for Lincoln Center Theater productions at Lincoln Center but also for any performances outside of Lincoln Center that have been produced by LCT.
DIRECTIONS:   Enter the Vivian Beaumont, ( Mitzi E. Newhouse and Claire Tow Theaters, housed in the same bldg)  via the street-level entrance on 65th Street (between Broadway and Amsterdam), or at the Lincoln Center plaza level (near the reflecting pool).
WHERE TO EAT:  Too many choices, so little time.
 Disclaimer: I try for correct info on my posts, but no guarantees people.

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