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Or… Feet a good theme for a family holiday  grab bag, I ask?

Or should it be, music, or books, or recipes, or “things that go bump in the night”, or handmade cards, or puzzles, or family photos, or signs of the Zodiac, or white elephants, or recipes, or “freebees” from somewhere, or magnets, or  socks?

Our family has done all of the above and more.  It started about 20 years ago when we thought,(I have 5 siblings with kids)   there are now over 50 people in our family,  let’s do a grab bag with a theme to make it more interesting.  A tradition begins!

Now, for some reason, I have become the designated “Oliver” Holiday Grab Bag Coordinator.  My responsibilites?  Get input from my brothers and sisters on a theme, write a very clever poem about the theme (at least I think so), figure out who gives to who, and lastly be sure addresses are correct. And then send it all out to the Oliver group.   A very big job!   Tradition!

I would like to say that we get 100% participation, but not so.  We average about 75%, but like in the Godfather, “just when you think you are out, they pull you back in again.”   Meaning once you hit the age of 18, you are in and there is never any “out”!  Tradition!

I used the name “Oliver”  before, let me explain.   Many, and I mean, many years ago, my then  very young brother and sister were arguing over a something or other, and one was saying, “It’s mine”  The other, “No, it’s all of ours” which through the heat of the argument became it’s “allivers”, one word.  I remember my mother and I looking at each other and saying, hysterical laughing, “Who’s Oliver?”   Hence, our designated famiy name, “The Olivers”    Tradition!

So here we are very close to Thanksgiving, and I just sent out this year’s Holiday Grab Bag to the Oliver’s.   Reflecting over the years, it’s not about getting a gift (our limit by the way is $15.00) it’s about family.  We live all up and down the east coast – and we try to get together for a family reunion every once in a while.   We did manage it this year thanks to my  nephew and wife’s cabin and grounds in upstate New York.

But until the next in person Oliver  reunion, this tradition keeps us close!  I wish everyone a great and safe Thanksgiving with family and friends.   Tradition!


Here's the  poem for this year - can you guess the theme before the end?

“Here’s a very simple thing if you happen to get dirty

It can make you feel so clean and can make you smell so perty

It comes in all sizes, shapes and va-ri-e- ties  

Most often used in our so-called so- ci -e- ties

Now some like a pump and some  hold it in their hand

Choices are  everywhere  across  our ” franchised” land

Ernie and his Ducky are two of its supporters

As they take their daily bath in Sesame headquarters

By now, I think you’ve got it, at least that’s what we hope 

You’re right, you guessed… the theme is…. that ever-lovin’ soap!





Author: Kay

I knew when I started my blog I wanted to reach out to seniors like myself. I wanted to share my stories and even be a bit of a tour guide on what I’ve learned and the fun I’ve had at famous and not so famous New York places.

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  1. Good Morning KT! While far from what you have in mind, re grab bag gift ideas….I offer you this thought: Fill your Grab Bag with a list of Charities….make sure they are viable Charities. Instead of sharing material things….send your $15.00 check to the charity you pulled from the Grab Bag.

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