Today  will be a week from the Fourth of July – our country’s always spectacular celebration of the birth of our nation.  I was going to write about the baseball game and the fireworks over the East River  and the wonderful time I had with my family, but I didn’t.

It was a word President Obama used when addressing us… reflection; a reflection on the horrific events of the past week.   A reflection that stopped me from posting the happiness of that weekend.  The scenes from Texas, Louisiana and Minnesota  were overwhelming.

I was born in upstate New York – my family moved several times due to  our father’s work and his final transfer  was  to Charlotte, North Carolina.  Reflecting  – I remember how shocked we were to see  the  signs saying “whites only” and “colored” when we moved there.    And now, reflecting on this past week – certain atrocities may have changed – but our nation has a very, very long way to go before intolerance is no longer part of our lives and violence ends.

My family is interracial and I have family and friends in  law enforcement and every day I am concerned for their safety.

With sadness, but with hope,






Author: Kay

I knew when I started my blog I wanted to reach out to seniors like myself. I wanted to share my stories and even be a bit of a tour guide on what I’ve learned and the fun I’ve had at famous and not so famous New York places.

4 thoughts on “REFLECTIONS”

  1. If each one of us would take the time today to reach out to someone…anyone a little or a lot different from us…that would be a start.

  2. There are all kinds of “reflections” when we openly, and without prejudice, attempt to view those reflections. When I consider the enormity and diversity of the world we live in I sorrowfully see the impossible task of “peace on earth; peace among all people”. And while one man…or woman, a few men…a few women (and I speak of the leaders of the world; the leaders of our country) can not reverse the divide, they must think hard, very hard about their role in this attempt to bring all people peacefully together. Right now they are not doing a very good job of it.

  3. Expressed so poignantly. …perhaps we should take a moment to share our reflections ….perhaps enhancing hope..and promise for
    the future

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