After the fireworks, the barbecues, the mojitos, the beer, the hotdogs and the  s’mores – how about some free Shakespeare?  No lines, no tickets and always free!  The Drilling Company has been doing these outdoor productions since 1995 in a parking lot and the last few years also at Bryant Park.   For more information about  this great group and specific days and times of these productions and the rest that run through the summer, go to their website. The information below is from their site.



“The Drilling Company performs free outdoor Shakespeare in the Parking Lot behind The Clemente (Clemente Soto Velez Cultural and Educational Center), located at 114 Norfolk Street (east side of Norfolk Street between Delancey and Rivington Streets), just three blocks from the municipal parking lot where the plucky New York cultural attraction started in 1995.”

JULY 7 TO 24

“A Midsummer Night’s Dream” is a tale of love and enchantment that is simultaneously set in the woodland and in the realm of Fairyland, under the light of the moon. Shakespeare in the Parking Lot, ever fond of holding a mirror up to its own neighborhood, is adapting the story into a fable of the Lower East Side in the first production of its 2016 season. Kathy Curtiss directs.”


In Midtown – behind NY Public Library – between 40th and 42nd Streets and Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

July 21 to 23

“As You Like It” with music by Natalie Smith
“The magical comedy is set in the classical Victorian era and everything becomes Steampunk when the scene shifts to the Forest of Arden. This production premiered in our parking lot last season. The New York Times wrote, “it’s easy to find magic here” and praised the leading performances as “wonderful by any standard.”

Kay’s Notes*  “All the world’s a stage” says Will

This will be my first time going to one of their productions.  My first inclination is to go to Bryant Park as it is much easier for me to get to, but inwardly I’m  being pulled and tugged  to go to the parking lot – where these performances began and sit among the cars!   I just figured it out, I can do both.  Love this City!


Shakespeare cartoon drawing – courtesy of the Drilling Company

*Disclaimer – I try for correct info on Kay’s Notes and my posts  but no guarantees people.


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