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Ok – let’s start at the beginning.  I was told from a lovely, generous couple to hold Friday, June 24th open.  Fine, I said, looking at my blank calendar,  I had nothing going on of any importance.  So I updated my smartphone and saved the date.

And, then on Wednesday, I got the call.  “Surprise, you are going to see Hamilton on Friday night”…I gasped, gulped and think I uttered “Thank you.” I’m  not quite sure, I think I was in shock.  What I do know was that I was beside myself with excitement. Then Friday night came and there we were. The lovely, generous couple was my daughter and son-in-law and my daughter  invited me because she knew how much I wanted to see this historical groundbreaking musical.

The theatre district was packed especially around the Richard Rodgers Theatre where Hamilton is playing.  We were in the ticket holders’ line waiting to have our bags searched and our tickets scanned along with the rest of the  very lucky ticket holders.   Then loud cheers and applause erupted next to us.

No, not because a celebrity arrived, it  was the cancellation line.  You  know that line, where people  stand and wait  for the very  slim chance that there will be cancellations and  they’ll get a ticket?   The news spread quickly down the line  that one of their own was “in”!  The woman next in the line told us  that the lucky recipient had been waiting  and working the line  for every performance since Monday or Tuesday and it was Friday. Now you could sense the excitement of   others in the line as  they saw it was possible – possible that they too will have a chance to get that prized  Hamilton ticket and  at regular prices no less.

I’ve been to the theater my entire life and i don’t remember ever being with such a  happy, accommodating, smiling, excited crowd.  I went to our really really great seats and my daughter stopped to get us water,  wine and  M&Ms.(our dinner).  I must say, I do like it that most  theaters allow you to bring their  wine in expensive little souvenir cups into the theatre itself.  I love sitting in my seat, relaxing, reading the Playbill and sipping on that glass of mediocre wine waiting for the lights to dim.    By the way, the theatre has invented a new drink named after the show, “Hamiltini”….  clever.

As for Hamilton,  no matter what you’ve read or what you’ve heard, it is all of that and more!  We were fortunate to see it before the departure of Lin-Manuel Miranda and the others. However, I have no doubt that the casting will continue to be outstanding especially with Javier Munoz taking over the role of Hamilton as he’s been doing at every Sunday matinée.

I have to give a “shout out” to my eight year old granddaughter.  Her parents have seen the show and downloaded the music to their phones. My  granddaughter loves the music and sings the songs to me all the time.   I could mouth “Alexander Hamilton” and “My Shot” along with the best of them!

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Doing my research I found many sites on how to get tickets and stories on the cancellation and in-person lottery lines.   I’ve listed some below but also – suggest you google “Hamilton” and read about the experiences and methods people are using to get tixs.

Important to know:   You may know this, but if not,  there are tickets that won’t cause you to mortgage your  house, your  apartment, or sell those lovely jewels or that Picasso! But it takes a little work on your part.

  • Enter the Hamilton Lottery on line for $10  tickets  for that day’s performance.   https://lottery.broadwaydirect.com/show/hamilton/
  • Wednesday matinée lottery in person line -outside  the Theatre.  Entries start at noon for a drawing a half hour later.
  • Stand in the cancellation line: Regular priced tickets.  There are rules. Can’t hold places, no tents, no chairs, can buy up to 2 tickets, tickets sold beginning 30 minutes before performance at regular price. If you’re lucky enough to get a ticket you have to go right to the box office and then inside the theatre.www.playbill.com/article/hamilton-updates-cancellationline-policy
  • Or my very fortunate   way – have someone give you a gift of tickets!

*Disclaimer – I try for correct info on Kay’s Notes and my posts  but no guarantees people.


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