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Hudson river greenway


“Should I or shouldn’t I?” That was the question.  

I had been to the new Whitney Museum, absolutely wonderful building…a must see.  As I left, I began looking for a cab.  But then, taken by how beautiful the day was, I decided to be adventuresome  and cross over the West Side Highway to  stroll along the Hudson. I had walked many times along the river but closer to Battery Park and Tribeca. So I said to myself, “Self, nothing ventured, nothing gained, let’s go!”

On the sunny side of the street…

Just so you know, if you haven’t crossed the West Side Highway, it gets a little tricky.  There are crosswalks for pedestrians, but not at every intersection. After I left the Whitney, I walked south for a few blocks and came to a marked crossing, waited for the light to change and crossed over.   Safety note: Don’t try to beat the light, just wait till it turns to “walk “again, and  then go.   Those cars, cabs, buses are just sitting there revving up their motors… on the ready to peel away.  Patience is the key.

vesey st
Vesey St and North End Ave-one block south of Murray

With the West Side Highway behind me, the walkway was just a few steps ahead.  I didn’t have a destination in mind, but I knew by looking at the Freedom Tower far off in the distance, that if, indeed, I was going to try to make it there, I had a good walk ahead of me.  I accepted the  challenge and off I went.

It’s quarter to three….

It was tranquil for the City (but you know, there’s always City noise but not so bad) that afternoon. It was around 3 o’clock with a slight breeze, some clouds overhead and  the temperature was perfect.  As I walked along, I couldn’t help but smile to myself and to others as we passed.  Some smiled back, some gave a nod, some ignored me  and I knew some were  wondering, why is this woman smiling?   I was by myself and having the best time. The view of the water, Jersey across the way, boats sailing by, people walking, running, riding bikes, kids with soccer balls, nannies and strollers, skateboards…delightful.

teds nyc

I  was quite happy to see the number of benches on my walk; I plopped myself down several times, took a sip of water, and continued on my journey.    I had absolutely no intention of walking that whole way without stopping.    I took photos, I especially liked the one at the top of this post, far off in the distance, you can just make out the Statue of Liberty.


Put me in coach..I’m ready to play…today

I came to Pier 25 which is a destination in itself.  It’s the longest pier on the Hudson River.  Stop there if you have time.  On weekends, it is filled with families.  There are soccer fields, an 18-hole miniature golf course, water park, a floating library, snack bar and restrooms. You’ll find it on the Hudson River Park site (under kay’s notes)

Show me the way to go  home……


It took me about an hour to walk the almost two miles.  I finished at Murray Street, across the way is  Freedom Tower.  I stopped at  a restaurant with  great views of the river before heading home.    What did I order? A  glass of wine and French fries and sat back to take it all in.

Americas cup

If I had gone a little further, I would have been at the World Financial Center/ Brookfield Place, which is full of all kinds of  stores, restaurants and lots of  free interesting  events.  Plus, outside is the Cove where sailboats and yachts are just waiting to sail away…somewhere.  We(my family) and thousands of others   watched the America’s Cup NYC races there on Mother’s Day.

Americas cup

It’s a great walk-  take the time to just relax and enjoy the view. If you still have time, stay for the sunset.  Spectacular!

Kay’s Notes:
Artwork by TWO

Important to know:  Hudson River Park runs from Battery Park City North .    The walkway, called the Hudson Greenway runs along that system.  Check out the site….so much to see and do – and events keep changing.

Whitney Museum of American Art is at  99 Gansevoort St (meatpacking district)  A stunning building (my visit there on a later post).

 Good to know:  A twist on this walk: Take the Highline to the Whitney and then cross over the West Side Highway to the walkway. Note:  you probably already figured out you can do this in reverse to the  Museum and beyond.

Where to eat:  During spring and summer months there are snack bars , and water fountains.   My suggestion is to wait till you get to the area around Brookfield Place, selection of food options is amazing.

Restrooms- There are several on this section  of the walkway – sometimes though they aren’t open or under construction.  The site will tell you which ones are available.

Kid Friendly:  Friendliest!!!

*Disclaimer – I try for correct info on Kay’s Notes– but no guarantees people.


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