Confessions of a NYC smartphone user


“Stop the cab!” I yelled to my son and granddaughter. “I can’t find my phone!” Horror of all horrors. But after a few minutes of frantic searching through my large overstuffed handbag, we found it. Whew! I’m sure you know the feeling that hits your belly when you think it’s gone. If you have a smartphone, then it’s all those photos, texts, contacts… lost. (Because, maybe, like me, you didn’t save them). And, OMG, wonder if there’s an ID thief stealing all your personal info. Then, comes that deep sigh of relief – when you find it. Double whew!

It had to be you…

I think I’m addicted to my smartphone. I mean, first thing in the morning, before I get out of bed, I reach for it. I check for missed calls, missed texts, emails that are waiting to be opened and Facebook. Hopefully, someday soon, I’ll see a message from my NY lottery subscription that starts, “Congratulations, you’ve won!”
Wishful thinking. Oh, I can’t forget to tell you about my “check” list. Every time I leave my apartment, I have a mental check I go thru…keys check, hearing aids check, batteries for hearing aids check, cell phone double check. I’ve returned a few times from the elevator because I didn’t have my phone. Yikes, maybe I should do a triple check for my cell. Told you I think I’m addicted.

Not … ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille…
FaceTime, on the phone, is great when you’re ready for the call. It’s a wonderful chance to see your grandchildren, who it seems are the only ones that I get those calls from. However, it can catch you when you’re not really up for prime time. For example, a few weeks ago my phone rang; it was before 7 in the morning. As I heard it, far from my even semi -awake state, I wondered, “Is that my phone?” “Is that the FaceTime ring?” I picked it up and there was the grinning face of my 4 year old granddaughter, “Hi Grandma.” she said. “What to do, what to do,” I thought. I couldn’t hang up – it was my granddaughter. So, I patted down my flyaway hair, put a big smile on my face, looked at myself on the screen, winced, and said, “Happy Birthday, birthday girl” She was turning five. All she wanted to know was, “Grandma, are you coming to my birthday dinner tonight?” “Of course,” I said. A few blown kisses and goodbyes, FaceTime over. Coffee please and make it a double!

Layne Jeff Koons heart best pix

My photo of my 14 yr old granddaughter taking a photo of Jeff Koons’ exhibit before the Whitney Museum moved to Chelsea.

What… there’s an app for that?
Everything you ever wanted to know about New York is probably on an app. And, if you don’t see it now, it will probably pop up very soon. I was looking for a new app and came across this site. .Some apps are free and some have a cost. You might want to check it out. The navigation apps are really helpful. I use a bus app frequently to let me know when the next one is coming. Most anything you want to do or see in the City is probably on this site.

So Set ‘em up Joe… TOSHIBA - Hellonyclink photo
And, check this out— The City is in the midst of installing these Wi-Fi stations across Manhattan. Can’t miss them… about 9 feet tall. They have built-in tablet computers, a 911 button, phone chargers and you can call anywhere in the States, all for free. Sounds convenient, I haven’t tried one yet, but I see them popping up all over.

I love my smartphone, it’s really nice to have. It does so much more than just making and answering calls. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not selling smartphones, I just like what it does for me. The camera feature is fantastic. All the photos were taken with my phone. I use it whenever I’m out and about. I’ve also learned to always take my charger with me. You never know when that little device is going to need a boost. FYI… if you stop for a Bourbon Old Fashioned along your travels … I haven’t been to a bar or restaurant yet that doesn’t have a place to give your cell a charge. CHEERS!

TOSHIBA - view from taxi jersey

View of lower Manhattan from water taxi
Kay’s Notes*
Important to know:
From The Pew Research Center
“When it comes to tech adoption, seniors generally lag behind their younger counterparts. But for Americans ages 65 and older who own a smartphone, having one in their pocket is a liberating experience.” For full article go to…/seniors-smartphones
Good to know: Water taxis from downtown Manhattan are fun to take. for more info. All about my water taxi trip to Jersey on another post.

*Disclaimer – I try for correct info on Kay’s Notes– but no guarantees people.

Author: Kay

I knew when I started my blog I wanted to reach out to seniors like myself. I wanted to share my stories and even be a bit of a tour guide on what I’ve learned and the fun I’ve had at famous and not so famous New York places.

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  1. You are right, Kay.! Face time calls could be great if you planned or arranged the time for the call. I’m afraid I’m not that open to revealing my “just got out of bed look” or too much information in the background! Are we just old fashioned, you suppose?

  2. I am vicariously enjoying every one of your writings! Wish I were in NYC right now! But what would I do first!!! This gives me options I didn’t know existed! For an individual visiting or going back to The Big Apple, your info is invaluable! Keep um coming!!!

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